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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  August 27, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> the first day of school jitters turned in to fears. how the community is moving forward following a school shooting. >> good to know there are people like that in the world. >> hold a rally, put up a statue, do what you need to go for a man who saved who knows how many lives. >> isaac, we are tracking another weather maker headed for maryland . >> and if you had been looking for excedrin but couldn't find it we know when it comes back. >> first tonight, if it can happen in columbine it can happen in perry hall. the first day of school open was gun fire. >> many of you are watching the tv news right now still not believing what happened today. many sources say that this is the picture of the 17-year-old senior who was shot at perry
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hall today. his name is daniel. first lunch period of the year, quarter of 11. >> i thought it was a drill. >> this was a drill. this is our world today. >> i hear pop, like a gun go off. >> reporter: something triggers a 15 -year-old to pull a gun in the cafeteria. >> i said who is this? i didn't recognize the voice. there is a shooting, i'm like what? >> reporter: the worst the. we are on the outside not knowing what's going on inside. >> random act of shooting. >> reporter: one 17-year-old student beginning his senior year was shot. >> one kid from the school who is kind of a troubled kid. he came in with a double barrel shot gun, shot at special ed table >> reporter: jesse watched his world turn into a hero in
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grabbing the teen, pinning him, one more shot fired in to the ceiling before police took over. he. >> the suspect who acted alone is in custody at police headquarters. >> reporter: at his home police were all over the property looking seeking out clues as to why. >> how do you carry a double barrel shot done into school? >> reporter: you say take your cell phone just in case. in case of a day like this. >> dropped everything. came on up here. >> reporter: you didn't need to hear words, just trying to find their sons, daughters. they need them the most sight now. seconds tick away like hours. >> he just came in and shot. >> reporter: the first day of first grade and how to let go and here we are years later in high school holding our children tighter, still fears need to let go. >> proven that no matter where you go, it can happen.
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>> reporter: we continue tonight. first day of school brings enough worry but how do students and parents get today two after a shooting? >> first day for the new superintendent of baltimore county and he said we have a plan in place. cheryl connor joins us live. >> reporter: are students will walk through the doors here at perry hall tomorrow morning on time to see more security and staff. the community here in perry hall can only hope that day two keeps them inside of their classrooms. >> you never forget the first day of high school and after today that is an under statement for jarrod and kelsey. >> the counselor has -- up against the wall and he pointed a gun up in the air and shot it and that's when everybody bolted out. >> reporter: kelsey was in the lunch room, jarrod in the gym locker room on lockdown. he said for out an hour. >> i just came in to the school. this was my first time and this
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happening just a huge surprise, nobody saw it coming. >> reporter: that feeling of a phone call, a shooter in your child's school may never fade. >> describe what it was like just to see it work and find who happened and not knowing the status of your child. where was kelsey. >> reporter: they are here tonight. two members of the class of 2016, plan to walk back into school for day two. there is comfort knowing more security will be outside of the classroom. classroom. dallas spent his first day as superintendent on the phone with the police chief every 30 minutes. >> all of the schools have plans, when i came on board in july i met with our fire marshall and our police chief as well as the individuals on staff to look at what the manual looked like. we were well prepared for the situation. >> reporter: students will see more staff members and guidance counselors to. you can't ignore the community impact here on belaire road there are signs that perry hall
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coming together. >> do you want to go to school tomorrow? >> i do . i just want to find all my classes and see my friends. >> reporter: see her friends and find her classes. some very basic requests from a high school freshman who didn't get to do that on day one. again perry hall will open on time tomorrow, students will see more grief counselors -- more staff here and also security for anyone who is reliving that lunch room shooting. we are live in perry hall. >> thank you. some former perry hall students are doing their part to help the community start the healing process. they are putting together a rally to bring the school and neighbors together to help everybody move forward and spread the message. >> organizing it friday at 8:00. we hope that everybody can come out and bring a candle. there will be people racing money, someone else making
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stickers. we are planning on making ribbons, just to get everybody together. >> reporter: its set to take place at the school 8:30 friday night. money raised will go toward the victim as well as the school. >> the school employee who stepped in and stopped the gunman has been identified as jesse. a guidance counselor at perry hall. christian found out much more about the hero tonight. >> reporter: yeah. check out this facebook page. it was set up to thank him. in just over 12 hours, more than 11,000, nearly 12,000 people have like that page. many of them perry hall students. some of the comments on here are coming people all over the country, thank you for saving lives, thank you, people wanted to give thanks about what he did. >> he lifted up his shirt and pulled it out and shot at the colleague. >> reporter: arrest chaos.
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>> if your parents are here you may leave. >> reporter: the talk turned to a man who may have savor many lives. a guidance counselor. >> he is a real nice guy. he is -- a great perp in general. >> reporter: and students say this is not the first time he has stepped in to end a violent situation. >> he stopped fights before. i mean i didn't have a doubt it was him that tackled him down and stopped him from shooting other people. >> reporter: he declined to be interviewed, sharon lives just down the road from his parents. >> you hear of tragedy like this happening and then you hear of a hero doing something like this that it just helps to balance everything back out. >> reporter: her twin just started school at perry hall middle. they found out about the shooting when the students started filing in. word spread quickly on social media. sharon said she sat down and started applauding when she
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heard. >> it's a right place at the right time but also the right person to be at the right place. >> reporter: we showed you the facebook page. twitter is a live with mentions of him today. the prrase perry hall has been trending. we should mention several witnesses say other teachers helped today. their names have not leaked out yet. live in the newsroom. >> thank you. you know today's tragic shooting may have come up around the dinner table for many and it didn't experts say it probably should have. we spoke with an expert from the school of public health at five. he deal was children and violence prevention. he said its situations like this may trigger concern that it could happen again at another school. >> more listening than telling them. give them a chance to talk about their feelings, what they are doing. it may be that the sun may take up more time to warm up than
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the daughters but they may be concerned. >> it's also an opportunity to remind the kids that help is available at school if they feel uncomfortable and school counselors will be on hand tomorrow at perry hall to help students deal with the situation. we are working for you. we have an anti bullying resource guide on the website, log onto abc and get more tips. learn the sign that your child may be bullied read up on it. you will find it on the website. >> while out there onto internet don't miss what ray rice and the ravens has to say. he has held many anti bullying rallies all over the place this summer and in his post he opened up his heart saying i can't possibly yell it loud enough or say it often enough. be kind to each other. have you to read the post from start to finish. a great job. if any news about this story breaks overnight we will have
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it first. tomorrow morn we will be back on the air. we will have the latest on the shooting at perry hall. the investigation and how its community is coping. we are first on the air, good morning maryland starts tomorrow at 4:30. >> weather wise it has been an improving day across maryland after a new record and record rainfall amounts across the state through sunday night. dryer today. few showers at beaches, they didn't need more rain there and now we are seeing more that looks like it'll show up early. line of showers through cincinnati reaching down into west virginia nowt. looks like a fairly brief round of rain. not super high totals. isaac, still a tropical storm. not a category one yet. tomorrow more on isaac as it goes toward new orleans. now just know the morning drive
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could feature a shower or storm. >> we are going to be introduced to the new head of baltimore city police. the mayor plans to introduce him as the new commissioner. he was formerly the chief of the city of oakland. he resign there's in 2011. that replaces the former commissioner who announced his retirement may. >> its been more than a month since a hole opened in the middle of east monument street. the storms caused the hole to stretch from curb to curb swayl. people on the north side had to be evacuated. it'll take crews a month to repair. they are working to get the sidewalk open on just two days. >> in addition to that shooting we had another student
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student is trying to recover after being hit by a car. he was crossing the street when he was hit on dog wood. anita taylor and her husband were just a few feet away. >> looked out and then i saw the young man in the street. i went back to get a blanket and keep him from going into shock. >> reporter: the student had to be flown to the hospital but there is no word on his condition. >> if you are nursing -- number 44 relief may soon be on the way. >> we will tell you where they expect to have it back on the store shelves. :h
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. after a big win in their patent case apple has a list of about eight product that sam wants pulled and banned in the united states market. the list includes several galaxy phones and the droid charge. friday a jury found they copied them when marketing their products. they awarded apple one billion dollars in damages, a judge will decide later if they have to pull products store shelves. >> do you hate not being able to use the computer in the air in the faa is considering changes to its electronics policy. right now things have to be shut down due to fear those could interfere with the
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airplane communication and navigation. cell phone use will still be banned. that policy is set by the fc. >> correct. if you get headaches it's probably been a rough year because excedrin has been pulled but we have the good news that you have been waiting to hear so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: rejoice, the medication of choice for millions of people, excedrin will soon come back to your pharmacy shelves. >> its been six long months forehead ache sufferers who have been getting headaches trying to find excedrin. rachel said there is nothing like it. >> i get migraines. people that have problem was migraanes its like one of the only thing that works. . >> reporter: but it disappeared
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nationwide back in mid-january after its maker issued a massive recall. some batches contained the wrong pills. since then nicole coleman has gotten by with generic. others don't think store brands work as well. they have been driving up the price of ten bottles to $175 on e-bay. the good news, they have just reare started its factories and hope to have shelves restocked by october 1st which is great news for people like gale brown many. you want to see it back? >> yes. yes i would. >> reporter: all the generics should work just as well. after all they have the same ingredients but many say it's just not the same and they are counting the days until their excedrin comes back. so you don't waste your money.
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>> now, maryland's most accurate forecast,. >> not a bad mona cross baltimore and maryland after rain totals in excess of three and four inches for much of the state over the weekend and down at the beach it was serious flooding in spots up through delaware as well. 77 right now. dew point number 73, when you have that much rain over the weekend today we had a warm sunny day. moisture from the ground gets released into the atmosphere. take a look at belaire with a mix of sun and clouds, we cleared out a little bit at sunset. in hartford. always a great view. lot of back to school activities today. robert coleman with partly cloudy skies, laurel same, high school annex, home of the spartans. numbers showing up 70s now to near 80. with the humidity it's feeling warmer than that. take a look. dew point numbers, total measure of moisture in the air. you cool the air, you get to 100% humidity so if the air
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temperature drops to 74 it's 100% humidity this is what it feels like with all the humidity. 80 in the high country. take a look. line of showers pushing in. not particularly impressive. this won't be a severe weather producer. it'll bring showers overnight had to the morning. unwelcome rain because the ground is still saturated. it won't be the rain or storm action that will produce flooding other than maybe just a little ponding. there will be a few heavy to moderate showers but they shouldn't belong lasting much the front will keep moving, moving off shore. that will clear the sykes briefly. the next chance for rain, in fact could come from the storm that all eyes are watching, isaac as that storm makes landfall into louisiana and moves up in to the central part of the united states. it could drift in to the midatlantic for part of the labor day weekend. with very a vested interest in isaac. isaac has not been upgraded to
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hurricane strength. it is still a powerful tropical storm. it has produced flooding rains across florida. look at the reach from the eye the center of circulation. out here to eastern florida. melbourne, we are regard, daytona, feet of water on the ground. they had it there today. now we are watching the more intense convection on the westside of the center. whole system now making its move toward southeast louisiana. get an idea, what towns are in the -- immediate path here. couple things, the northeast, this is where we have the upper air circulation that produces isolated f0, f1 tornadoes, not the super strong ones but we will get spin off tornados in the panhandle from this it. also the main wind flow. where we can add the forward speed of the storm plus the circulating winds, that is likely to come up toward mobile bay at this point in time.
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the track will go up into mobile. southern and mississippi, buloxi. probably into new orleans. the center of the storm may go over the big easy but its that right guard rant. that area between 25 and 50 file miles narcotic likely to make landfall in southern mississippi. we think as a category one hurricane. the projected strength has been brought down a bit. we are talking about a slow moving system. it just stalls in southern louisiana, incredible flooding. it won't won't be the wind damage of hurricane katrina but we will see flooding rains. perhaps rain here from the remnants. tonight 70, clouds on the increase, watch for those showers toward daybreak. could be slick for the drive in
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spots. clearing out by the afternoon. here is the seven day forecast, beautiful weather behind that front for wednesday, thursday, friday, we will have a chance to dry from all the rain. that's good because we may see more rain from at least -- remnant moisture from isaac. saturday into sunday at the very minimum likely to see a more cloudly situation. isaac could have the impact up the coast. >> thank you. the robin roberts says this week will be her last on good morning america before she goes on medical leave. she has a blood and blown marrow disease and will have a bone marrow transplant. she let people know she will go through -- what she will go through once she leaves. >> i will check in to the hospital the following tuesday. i will begin the process. it takes about ten days after being admitted because there are some things have you to do before the transplant. >> she beat breast cancer five- years ago and is confident she
11:26 pm
will overcome this as well. despite the health problems she still said she feels blessed and i think her sister will be a donor for her. >> inspiration. all right. another look. >> one last check of the forecast. changing weather. few more showers, pleasant weather, wednesday, thursday, fridayt. will be great and then the chance for rain around toward the weekend. we will see on that. don't cancel your plans. >> okay. we will be right back. . >> on night line the latest on that shoot out that left two dead and nine injured outside of a popular tourist > and one slim down by imagining she had surgery.
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. forbes with the latest list of highest paid stars. there shes. oprah, 4th year in the row. she paid 165 million, from may 11 -- $165 million and then michael bay second on the list with 160 million and steven speilburg third. >> isaac even 4th. >> [inaudible]. >> just get by on that stuff. >> quick check. all eyes on isaac. you know you watch national media you have been covered with the isaac and i will say it's unusual timing, nearly seven years to the day of hurricane katrina flooding new
11:31 pm
orleans. however n is not nearly the storm hurricane katrina was. i want to say that. still a tropical storm. hurricane katrina was a category five historic hurricane. there will be flooding rains and certainly unwelcome visitor to the gulfw. he will watch it closely. >> good morning maryland tomorrow for the latest on the perry hall school shooting. they will be open as scheduled tomorrow morning.
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